Ballistics and Toolmarks Division

Ballistics & Toolmarks Division deals with the examination of –    


FirearmsWhether firearm or not, to ascertain the caliber, make, model, working condition, status of the firing and lethality, to link up with fired cartridge case and fired bullet.


Parts of the FirearmTo ascertain their nature whether they come under Arms Act/Arms Rules.


CartridgesTo ascertain their caliber, country of origin and whether they are live or not.


Cartridge CasesTo ascertain their caliber, make, and to establish possible link to the firearms and crime.


Fired BulletsTo ascertain their make, caliber, type and to establish a link to the firearms and crime.


Shots, Pellets and WadsTo ascertain their make, size, nature of firearms through which they were fired and range of firing.


Firearm manufacturing UnitTo identify different manufacturing implements and manufacture products.


Target (cloths, skin, and other materials) affected by firingTo ascertain whether the holes/stains are due to discharge of a firearm and range of firing etc.


Explosive substance, IED and Post Explosion Residues – To determine the qualitative estimation of explosive materials used.


Incendiary Device, Time Fuse and Detonation Cord – To identify/ characterize the exhibits


Restoration of erased/obliterated figures/numbers on firearms and vehiclesTo establish tampering if any and to decipher/restore the original writing.


Footprints, shoe prints, tire marksFor identification and matching with disputed ones.


ToolmarksInvolvement of particular tool in producing the tool mark.



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