>> Tender Notice for supply & installation of chemicals, materials & equipments - 17/07/2018

Sealed Tenders in plain papers are hereby invited from reputed and bonafide manufacturers or their Authorized Dealers for supply & installation of chemicals, equipments, materials for Forensic Science Laboratory which will be received by the Director, Forensic Science Laboratory, Mizoram, Aizawl on or before 17th August, 2018 upto 12:30 pm. Quotations are to be opened by the Director, FSL or his authorised representative(s) at 2:00pm on the same day. Pre-bid conference will be held on 17th August, 2018 at 1:00pm. The Tenderers or their respective representative(s) may also be present at the time of Pre-bid Conference as well as at the opening of the quotations, if so desire. 

The Pre-bid conference and opening of quotations is re-scheduled to be held on 20th August, 2018 at 1:00pm, Sealed Tenders will be received upto 12:30pm.       





Sl.No. Name of Item Specification Approx. Qty.
1 Acetaldehyde    3
2 Acetonitrile for analysis  2.5 L 2
3 Acetonitrile for analysis 2.5 L 4
4 Acetonitrile  500 mL 10
5 Acetone for analysis 1 L 1
6 Acetone  2.5 L 2
7 Acetone  500 mL 12
8 Acetic Acid for chromatography  1 L 1
9 Acetic Acid glacial 100 % for analysis   500 mL 5
10 Ammonia solution  500 mL 2
11 Ammonium Acetate for chromatography LiChropur  500 g 2
12 Chloroform for analysis  500 mL 10
13 Chloroform  500 mL 10
14 Diethy Ether for analysis  500 mL 10
15 Diethyl Ether 500 mL 10
16 Dipicolinic Acid  100g 1
17 Ethanol   5
18 Formaldehyde solution 37% for analysis  500 mL 2
19 Hexane 500 mL 10
20 n-Hexane 500 mL 10
21 Isopropyl Alcohol AR 500 mL 2
22 Methanol for analysis  2.5 L 1
23 Petroleum Benzene 40-60o 500 mL 4
24 Sodium Chlorate 1 Kg 1
25 Sulfuric Acid about 98% for analysis 500 mL 5
1 Micropipette (1000-10000µL)  Variable Volume Micropipettes, FBS-OP10000 (Genaxy, HTL) 1
2 Micropipette (10000µL)  Gen Tip, 10000µL Clear, (GEN-UT-10ML-C) (in packet) 1
3 Alcohol Distillation Unit,  1000mL  1
4 Disposable Gloves,   Non-Sterile (in boxes) 20
5 Disposable Syringe  5 mL capacity 100
6 Syringe-Driven filters  nylon-66, hydrophylic membrane, 25mm diameter, 0.22µ pore size ) (in boxes) 2
7 Round bottom Flask 1000mL, Boiling, round bottom, short neck, with interchangeable joint, height-205, interchangeable joint 24/29  6
8 Measuring Cylinder,   100mL, Gaduated, Single Metric Scale, with pour out, with hexagonal base, class A, with Certificate (complies with IS 878, ISO/DIN 4788 Graduation interval 1mL, Tolerance ±0.5mL  5
9 Measuring Cylinder  (10mL) Cylinder, Measuring, Graduated, with Spout with Hexagonal Base, Accuracy as per ISO : 4788 / IS : 878 Class B  10
10 Filter Paper (125mm)  Qualitative Circles, 125mm, Cat No.1001125 (Whatman) 10
11 Disposable Surgical cap   (in boxes) 5
12 Disposable Mask (in boxes) 8
13 NF Bench Top Centrifuge, max. Speed/RCF:5000 rpm, 2,822 xg. Max. capacity :12x15 mL, Programmable microprocessor control system. Digital displays for speed, time and RCF (xg) along with pulse key. Timer: 1-99 min and hold position. Epoxy-polyester painted steel chamber. Brushless induction motor. Motor over heating protection. Lid lock and interlock. Pulse key. Delivered with angle rotor 1
14 Laboratory Coat  6" above knee length with three pockets, white colour Large Size 4
15 Laboratory Coat 6" above knee length with three pockets, blue colour  Medium & Large Size 2
16 pH-indicator paper with colour scale  pH 1-14 (in packets) 5
17 Surgical Tongs  10" Tong  2
18 Disposable Laboratory Apron    50
19 Spare Part for HPTLC System:    
a) BS 130.550 10 µL Dosing Syringe   1
b) BS 43326 Micro Switch for Z-axis   1
c) BS 37203 72 cm Toothbelt   1
20 Silica Gel 60 F254  (Aluminium backed, layer thickness: 200 µm) 25x25cm (in packet) 1
21 TLC Sprayer with two spray heads  (in Unit)   1
22 UV Lamp   254 nm for Thin-Layer Chromatography  1
23 Room Dehumidifier: (1) Coverage capacity-2500 cu.ft.<  (2) Tank capacity-2.5 L < (3) Extraction Capacity-10L< 3
24 Pipette Tips
a) 0.2-10 µL   (1000/pkt) 5
b) 2-200 µL   (1000/pkt) 4
c) 200-1000 mL  (500/pkt) 2
25 Microcentrifuge tubes  1.5 mL, flat cap, snaplock 1
26 PSA test kit   (10/pkt) 10
27 Micropipette  10-100 µL ( Accupipette) 1
28 Hinge Lifter   (1.5"x2", White Background, 24 pcs/pkt 65
29 Hinge Lifter   (2"x4", White Background, 24 pcs/pkt 90
30 Ez Scan Ridge Enhancer Solution 1.5 fl (45 mL) Ez Scan Ridge Enhancer Solution 1.5 fl (45 mL) 2
31 Photographic Lenses
a) Zoom Lens   AF-S NIKKOR 24-120MM F/4G ED VR 1
b) Macro Lens   AF-S VR MICRO-NIKKOR 60MM F/2.8G ED 1
c) Telephoto Lens   AF VR ZOOM-NIKKOR 80-400MM F/4.5-5.6D ED (5.0x) 1
32 Videography System
a) Mirrorless Camera   Sony α9 mirrorless camera 1
b) Lens Sony   FE 24-70MM F2.8GM 1



See below for Terms & Conditions



                                                     TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  1. Quotations shall be submitted in plain paper(s) by clearly indicating name of the firm, correspondence address with telephone and fax No., earnest money detail.
  2. Quotations envelope must be sealed and supercribed “TENDER FOR PURCHASE/ PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION(as the case may be) OF CHEMICALS, EQUIPMENTS & MATERIALS UNDER FSL”, in capital letters, which shall be addressed to the Director, Forensic Science Laboratory, New Secretariat Complex, Aizawl, Mizoram, 796001.
  3. Quotations received from firms and individuals should attached Authorization or Distributorship or Dealership Certificate, as the case may be from the concerned Firms/Manufacturers duly attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary. Original Certificate should be produced at the time of opening of the tenders/quotations. If demanded.
  4. Quotations shall be accompanied with   Earnest Money at the rate of 3% in case of Tribal Tenderers and 5% in case of Non-Tribal to the quoted amount in the form of Deposit at Call Receipt/Demand Draft/ Banker’s cheque in original from any Nationalized Bank of India duly pledged in the name of the Director, Forensic Science Laboratory, Aizawl.
  5. Manufacturers submitting their quotations direct shall attach photo copies of their manufacturing license, CIN(Corporate Identity Number) and other relevant permissions/licenses required for such manufacturing duly attested by a Gazzeted Officer of Notary. Original Certificate shall be produced at the time of opening of the tenders/quotations, if demanded.
  6. Quoted rates shall be inclusive of Goods and Services Tax(GST). If there are more than one brand, the separate rates for such brands with specific details should be mentioned.
  7. Warranty period should be mentioned clearly and availability of After-Sale-Services facilities during warranty period.
  8.  The rates will be F.O.R. destination Forensic Science Laboratory, Aizawl, 796001.
  9. Tender must be accompanied by the following documents:-
  1. Photo copy of GST Registration Certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer. Original Certificate should be produced at the time of opening of the tenders/quotations, if demanded.
  2. Photo copy of Scheduled Tribe Certificate duly attested by Gazetted Officer or Notary (for Tribal tenderers). Original Certificates should be produced at the time of opening of the tenders/quotations, if demanded.
  3. Non-Judicial adhesive Stamp worth at least Rs. 7.50 should be affixed( for non-tribal tenderer).
  1. All pages of the tender papers should be printed, signed, stamped and dated; hand written shall not be entertained in case of over writing/correction, the tenderer should give initial with date. Any page or pages not signed, stamped and dated will be marked violated clause at the time of opening of tender.
  2. A successful tenderer has to execute an appropriate Deed of agreement within15(fifteen) days from the date of communication of acceptance of his/her quoted rate(s) by fax, failing which the tender will become invalid.
  3. Once the rate is accepted and communicated to the successful tenderer, the same shall remain valid for 6(six) months w.e.f. the date of issue of Supply Order. No further price escalation will be allowed during the validity period.
  4. A successful tenderer whose tender has been accepted shall furnish Security Deposit of 8%(eight percent) of the value of the materials required to be supplied, at the time of execution of the agreement, in the form of Demand Draft/fixed Deposit in any Nationalized Bank of India duly pledge in favor of the Director, Forensic Science Laboratory.
  5. A successful firm will have to supply the materials within the period fixed by the Department. If the supply cannot be made within the stipulated period without any valid and justifiable reasons with prior intimation, the Department shall be at liberty to procure the materials from any other sources without assigning any reason thereof.


  1. The approximate quantity along with specification to be supplied at the Office of the Director, Forensic Science Laboratory is indicated in the ANNEXURE-A. The quantity is subject to increase or decrease as per requirement of the Forensic Science Laboratory.
  2. The Quotation should quote the rate of materials in terms of “Rate per item). Rates quoted should be inclusive of all taxes. All corrections/alterations in the Quotation should be attested by putting full signature by the Quotationer(s).
  3.  Quotations may be submitted for all or any of the items mentioned in ANNEXURE-A. The Quotation should clearly indicate Sl.No, Name of items, Brand name, specification, Quantity, Unit Rate, Installation rate(as the case may be) Rate in words and Total amount. The tenders must submit their sample/catalogue/photo for each item and attached his/her/their name of item and rate quoted thereon. The sample should be clearly marked and sealed separately for each item. The sealed sample must be enclosed in envelope containing the Quotation. Tenders may also submit alternative sample for selection.
  4. In case of tenders sent by post, it should be sent in registered post with acknowledgment due. The quotations should reach the Director, Forensic Science Laboratory, Aizawl, Mizoram within the date and time fixed for the receipt of the Quotations.


  1. The undersigned in no way is bound to accept the lowest rate or any of the tenders even if valid. And reserved the right to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason thereof and may give preference to supplier/manufacturers/firms of reputed brand/company and having good performance record.
  2. Any supplied materials will be checked when the materials arrives at the place of deliver and the supplier will be bound to replace the materials if the materials are found not conforming to specifications or sample submitted.
  3. All Payment will be made only after fulfillment of supply and installation (as the case may be) to the satisfaction of the Director, Forensic Science Laboratory, or any other authority authorized by him.

All disputes are subjected to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Aizawl.

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