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Scientific Staff



This page is meant for Authentication of Staff working in Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratory, Mizoram, Aizawl. It may be used as Identification purpose also.

ID NoNameID PhotoDesignationID markGenderHeightBlood GroupValidity
SC001-177H. SANGCHUNGNUNGADirectorTwo Scars on the Left ArmMale175 cmsO +veVALID
SC002-214T. LALROPUIAJoint DirectorMole on the ForeheadMale164.5 cmsA +veVALID
SC003-215R. SANGZUALADeputy DirectorScar on the ChinMale178.5 cmsA +veVALID
SC004-216R. VANLALKIMAAssistant DirectorScar on the ForeheadMale164.5 cmsB +veVALID
SC005-292LALCHHANZOVAAssistant DirectorBirth Mark on the Right ArmMale170 cmsA +veVALID
SC006-293LALHMACHHUANAAssistant DirectorMole on the Right side of the ForeheadMale175 cmsA +veVALID
SC007-373LALMUANAWMAAssistant DirectorMole on the Left CheekMale170.5 cmsO +veVALID
SC008-718ROSANGZUALAAssistant DirectorMole on the Left CheekMale171.5 cmsA +veVALID
SC009-009K.C. HMINGTHANGAJr. Scientific OfficerScar beside the Left EyeMale162.5 cmsO +veVALID
SC010-010M.C. RICHARD V.L.HNEHZOVAJr. Scientific OfficerScar on the Left ForearmMale165 cmsA +veVALID
SC011-011MARY LALZIKIJr. Scientific OfficerMole on the left side of the NoseFemale172.5 cmsAB +veVALID
SC012-012AMMIE LALNUNPUIIJr. Scientific OfficerMole beside the Left EyeFemale142 cmsB +veVALID
SC013-013VANLALHMANGAIHIJr. Scientific OfficerMole on the ChinFemale158 cmsB +veVALID
SC014-014REUBEN LALNUNTLUANGAJr. Scientific OfficerMole on the Right CheekMale176 cmsA +veVALID
SC015-015Dr. R. LAWMZUALIJr. Scientific OfficerMole on the ForeheadFemale163.5 cmsAB +veVALID
Est001-708SAIHMINGTHANGI SAILOSuperintendentMole on the Left arm
Female151 cms
B +ve
Est002-619R.L. THANPUIIInspector(M)Mole on the Upper LipFemale157 cmsB +veTRANSFERRED
Est003-018LALAWMPUIISub-Inspector (Steno)Mole on the NoseFemale160.5 cmsO +veVALID
Est004-019P. MUANA RALTE
Inspector (M)

Est006-020PHILIP A. LALZARLIANAUDCMole on the Right CheekMale165 cmsA +veVALID
Est007-021LINDA LALRENGPUIIUDCScar near the Left EyebrowFemale152 cmsA +veVALID
Est008-2018H.D.LALMALSAWMALDCMole near the Left Eye
Male160 cmsA+veVALID
Est009-2018M.C. LALNUNPUII
LDCScar on the Left WristFemale152 cmsO +veVALID
MV001-024M.C. LALTLANKIMADriver Special GradeMole on the Right Upper LipMale163 cmsB +veVALID
MV002-030K. KAPMAWIADriver Grade-IAmputated Left Little FingerMale164 cmsB +veVALID
MV003-025LALCHUNGNUNGADriver Grade-IMole on the Left side of the NeckMale166 cms O +veVALID
MV004-026LALRINMAWIADriver Grade-IMole on the NeckMale165 cmsO +veVALID
MV005-027DAVID LALRIMAWIADriver Grade-IScar near the Right EyebrowMale175 cmsO +veVALID
MV006-031VANLALZAWNADriver Grade-IMole on the Right Cheek
Male159 cms A +veVALID
Driver Grade-IScar on the ForeheadMale165 cmsO +veVALID
MV008-028HRANGCHHUANADespatched RiderScar on the Left HandMale165 cmsO +veVALID
LA001-C603B. LALHMANGAIHAForensic AttendantMole on the Right CheekMale160 cmsA +veVALID
Forensic Attendant
Scar under the Right EyeMale160 cmsO +veVALID
LA003-C179F. VANLALFELAForensic Attendant
Mole on the Left CheekMale163 cmsA +veVALID
Forensic Attendant
Scar on the Back side of the Neck
166 cms
O +ve
LA005-C784LALROSIAMAForensic Attendant
Mole on the ForeheadMale167 cmsA +veVALID
LA006-C631C. LALHMACHHUANAForensic Attendant
Two Scars on the Left CheekMale162.5 cmsO +veVALID
LA007-C287LALLAWMSANGAForensic Attendant
Mole on the Left ShoulderMale160.5 cmsA +veVALID
LA008-C298C. ROCHUNGNUNGAForensic Attendant
Scar on the Right side of the NeckMale160.5 cmsA +veVALID
LA009-C122LALTHLAMUANAForensic Attendant
Scar on the Right WristMale178 cmsA +veVALID
LA010-C505CALVIN R. VANLALDUHAForensic Attendant
Scar on the Left Little FingerMale167 cmsA +veVALID
LA011-C616H. BIAKMUANAForensic Attendant
Mole on the ChestMale169 cmsAB +veVALID
LA012-C148LALDINPUIAForensic Attendant
Mole on the Upper Right LipMale168 cmsO +veVALID
LA013-C503ZION RAMCHULLOVAForensic Attendant
Scar on the Left ThumbMale160 cmsA +veVALID
LA014-C105H.LALDINSANGAForensic Attendant
Scar on the Right EyebrowMale160 cmsA +veVALID
LA015-C509K. LALSIAMLIANAForensic Attendant
Mole on the Back of the NeckMale166 cmsA +veVALID
GD001-046VANLALNGAIIIV- GradeMole on the Right ArmFemale152 cmsB +veVALID
GD002-047C. LALHMULIANAIV- GradeMole on the Left side of the NeckMale164 cmsAB +veVALID
GD003-048LALHMINGCHHUANGIIV- GradeMole on the Right CheekFemale149 cmsA +veVALID
LA016-TempBIAKTHANPUIAForensic Attendant
Mole near the Right EyeMale164 cmsO +veVALID
T.LALCHHUANLIANAForensic Attendant
Mole on the NeckMale163 cmsB +veVALID

Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Portal of India (india.gov.in) Mizoram State Police Bureau of Police Research and Development National Crime Record Bureau State Portal of Mizoram (mizoram.gov.in) Directorate of Forensic Science Services (MHA)