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Cyber Forensic

Cyber Forensic Division deals with – 

Disk Forensics

Extraction and analysis of data from Computer hard disks, USB devices,floppy, CD, DVD, and Flash drives.


Mobile Device Forensics

Extraction and analysis of data from handheld devices like mobile phones, Smartphones like Android, iPhone, ipad, tablets,etc.


Memory Forensics

Analysis of volatile data in a computer's memory dump.


Network Forensics

Monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic.


Multimedia Forensics

Analysis of multimedia signals (audio, videos, images).


Internet Forensics

Tracking and analysis of e-mails, social medias, websites, cloud storage.


Cryptocurrency Forensics

Tracking of cryptocurrency transactions through thousands of social media forums and Darknet sites.

Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Portal of India (india.gov.in) Mizoram State Police Bureau of Police Research and Development National Crime Record Bureau State Portal of Mizoram (mizoram.gov.in) Directorate of Forensic Science Services (MHA)