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Justice Delivery System has three equally important fundamental pillars viz. Police, Judiciary and Forensic. It is the team work and coordination of these three pillars that brings smooth functioning of Justice system which ultimately results in the resolution of cases and dispensation of Justice.


Forensic Science may be defined as the application of Scientific method in a criminal investigation pertaining to the court of law. Principles of basic Sciences like Physics, Chemistry and Biology are skillfully applied for administration of justice. The main functions of Forensic Science Laboratory is to undertake diverse physical and chemical examinations of evidences with the latest equipments available in the Laboratory, to provide Scientific guidance to the investigating agencies in collecting physical evidences at the scene of Crime and to depose Expert testimony in the court of law. In addition, FSL imparts training to Police & Excise personnel, Judicial Officers, Medical Officers  and NGOs etc. by organizing trainings and lectures on different topics of Forensic Science and its application.


Prior to the establishment of Forensic Science Laboratory in Mizoram, material evidences detected in different Crime Cases were sent outside the state that usually took months and even years. In order to overcome these difficulties and to have an efficient administration of Justice, Government of Mizoram established Forensic Science Laboratory under the administrative control of Police Department Vide Notification No. A/12034/1/97-HMP dated 31/7/2000 and started functioning officially since the year 2000. Mizoram FSL now have 7(seven) divisions viz. Chemistry, Questioned Document, Ballistics & Toolmarks, Fingerprint, Photography, DNA/Serology and Toxicology headed by Director rank Forensic Scientist. The Laboratory was upgraded to a full-fledged Directorate directly under Home Department in March, 2015 which is in par with the recommendation of National Human Rights Commission.


The new state of the art building of Mizoram FSL, at New Secretariat Complex, Khatla designed to accommodate all the latest Forensic technologies was occupied on 7th November, 2012 and inaugurated by the Hon’ble Home Minister on 27th November, 2012.




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